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Various detox drinks to take during your wellness retreat

Detox is short for detoxification. This is a period during which you stay away from all kinds of strong alcoholic drinks. You instead commit yourself to taking only non-alcoholic drinks. They must have some nutritional value on your health rather than snatch what’s left. Since almost 60% of the body is made up of water, it’s good to stay hydrated at all times. Before then, ensure that you rid your body of all manner of harmful and toxic substances. Read on for the most tantalizing secrets to a healthy and successful detox period.

Various detox drinks to take during your wellness retreat

Have a glass of homemade juice

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgThis has to be one of the most popular drinks during detox. You should take it as often as five to eight glasses a day. Blend it to perfection and take it at your own pleasure. Just to make it all the more effective, you shouldn’t rush it. Take it one sip at a time. It’s even more enjoyable when you are reading a magazine or watching a movie.

Pour the juice into your glass when it’s at room temperature. You can opt for a cool glass if it’s a hot day. The juice doesn’t mean that you should neglect your rule of eight glasses of water. This is because juice can’t play the same roles that water does in your body.

Prepare some lemonade

This has got to be among the most powerful detox drinks known to man. It has all the properties required in a detox drink. What’s more is that it’s fast and highly effective. Including it in your detox drinks is a sure way to rid your body of all levels of harmful toxins.

That’s not all; your bowels are guaranteed to experience a smooth movement. You should take it twice or thrice consistently for it to be effective. Warm some water and squeeze a whole lemon into a glass. Drink it very early in the morning before you take your breakfast.


Go herbal

Some veggie smoothie won’t hurt. Instead, it will make every part of you a lot better. This means carrot juice which is said to be good for the stomach. It’s very easy to prepare and good for your vital organs.

It shouldn’t be too much to blend some greens as well and take them twice or thrice in a day. Their smooth texture after blending will bring just what your body craves for. That’s not all; it’s an affordable way of cleansing yourself thoroughly.


Drink plenty of water

This should have been top on the list as it revolves around the hydration factor. It should be the very first drink to take in the wake of each day. The fun and thrill are just beginning as we take a look at why you need water as a detox drink.


The detox period can be quite overwhelming as you’ll tend to feel thirsty even after taking certain fluids. This is why you should carry water with you wherever you go. The good thing about water is that it is readily available. It can be preserved for the longest time without it going bad.