Important Lessons We Learned While Brewing Beer at Home

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You can always make your own beer at home by mixing the right ingredients in the right proportions. One advantage of making beer at home is that it debunks the various myths about beer. Here are five things homebrewing taught us about beer. On a side note, you can check out Tavour Beer if you want to try out the best beers ever brewed.

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Beer Is Food

Making beer involves fermenting whole-meal grains, mainly barley. Barley has been in use since the beginning of life, and there is indisputable evidence that it contains many nutrients and minerals that are good for your overall health. It encourages weight loss, provides the body with dietary fiber, balances gut bacteria and lowers the sugar levels in the body. Even yeast, which accelerates fermentation in the beer brewing process, has plenty of vitamins and minerals which are essential in our bodies. It also boosts the body immune system.

Beer Is Not All That Bad

If you have never witnessed the beer brewing process, you will always say that beer is bad. However, the truth is the direct opposite. Beer is actually good for your health if the list of its ingredients is anything to go by. To start with, it is mainly made of water. Water is very useful in our bodies as it keeps our bodies hydrated among other benefits. Other ingredients include hops and barley. Hops are flowers of the hop plant. Being very bitter, they are added to balance the sweetness of malt and to add flavor to the beer. They are said to treat arthritis, insomnia, fibromyalgia and menopausal symptoms. Malt, on the other hand, contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin and Vitamin A. Indeed, malt extract is sometimes used as a dietary supplement. Therefore, if each of the ingredients of beer is good for your health, how does the end product become harmful?

Beer Is Easy to Make at Home

Making beer is as easy as ABC. It involves the fermentation of hops and malt in warm water for a few weeks. Yeast is used as a fermentation agent. If you do everything right, your beer is ready earlier than you expect. You can hone your skills with time and join a beer brewing club for a better experience.

beer toastTwo Bottles of Beer per Day Are Enough

Do not be carried away by the aforementioned benefits of beer. There are millions of people out there who are suffering from liver cirrhosis and other medical conditions because of beer addiction. Drinking too much beer is dangerous to your overall body health. There is, however, nothing wrong with taking your umpteenth bottle of beer, as long as you only take two bottles at most per day.

Making High-Quality Beer Is Easier Said Than Done

It is worth noting that while it is easy to make homemade beer, it is not easy to make commercial grade beer at home. Making high-quality beer requires proper mixing of the ingredients to come up with an impeccable concoction with is then brewed carefully to make high-quality commercial beer. Additionally, when you make beer at home, you are likely to use improperly cleaned equipment. This will have an adverse effect on the final product.

How to Take Care of Dry Skin

skin care routineOf all the skin types listed to us by dermatologists, dry skin types have to be the most complicated to handle. This should not worry you as there are solutions to every problem that happens to come our way. In fact, these solutions will only come about once you set your mind on finding them. As soon as this happens, your problem is half solved. Taking care of dry skin has been on the rampage for the longest time. Those with dry skin can understand just how it feels to have to try and understand it. Here are some tips that will come in handy especially at this point in your life.

Use the Right Products

The one way to know how useful your skin care products can be is by merely looking at the ingredients. The more natural they are, you can rest assured that everything else is catered for. Sadly, most of us fall into the trap of using the price as a factor for gauging just how useful and practical the products will be. It tends to confuse most of us, but this should never be a cause for worry or alarm. As mentioned earlier, there is a solution to every problem that presents itself.

We have to be as wise and tactful on how to find these solutions. When it comes to the skin, you have to be willing to soil your hands to get to the ultimate solution. This means that research is a necessary tool for everything to fall into place.

Watch Your Diet

watch your dietIt has been said before that you are what you eat. If your choices on your diet are not as wise, there is nothing much you can expect from the outward experience. Which is why you have to be extra cautious about what enters your body. In our case, dry skin requires you to be on the lookout for food items such as vegetables and fruits. Let’s not forget an occasional yet consistent accompaniment of water.

The more you do this is, the more you are assured of brilliant results on your skin. This doesn’t mean that the dryness will go away. On the contrary, it just means that you have finally found a way of bringing everything under control.

Develop a Routine

Most women are not too shy about revealing the routines they adopt for their skin. One of them is washing their face twice daily. They also show just how much water, fruits, and vegetables they take. Before they know it, their skin manages to stand out from all the rest. However, the tricky part happens to b the one where you stick to a dry skin care routine that you have started.

Read widely if you have to to get the latest hacks on how to become more consistent in your pursuit of more soft skin. Your attitude should be that of gratitude because you have finally found a solution to all your woes of dry skin. With time, it will surprise you just how fast your troubles will have flown away.

All you need to know about the ketogenic diet and MCT oils

A ketogenic diet is a low-carb high-fat diet which compels the body to break down fats into energy instead of carbohydrates. The product of carbohydrate breakdown in the body is glucose, which is the source of energy. With the ketogenic diet, ketone bodies take the place of glucose. The liver breaks down fats into ketone bodies and fatty acids. The ketone bodies thus produced are used for energy production. There are several advantages of the ketogenic diet. It is useful in controlling epilepsy, for instance. It is also good for weight loss.

Ketogenic diet and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils

Medium-chain triglyceride oils are good dietary supplements for anyone on the ketogenic diet. These are fat-based supplements that help the body get enough fats in easily digestible format. The number of people on the ketogenic diet has increased reasonably in the recent periods, and that is why the demand for MCT oils has escalated. In this article, I will review some of the most popular MCT oils in both liquid and powder form.


Onnit MCT oil

Though MCT oils do not need to be flavored, Onnit MCT oil has an irresistible flavor that is too sweet to ignore. This oil is extracted purely from coconuts, and you have all reasons to trust it. It enhances cognitive ability, and it is good for active people. However, just like any other supplement, it may have a few side effects like stomach ache if overconsumed.

Bulletproof brain octane oil

The Bulletproof brain octane oil is another MCT oil supplement in the liquid form that has gained popularity in the recent periods. There are several benefits of using this oil as an MCT oil supplement if you are into keto. For example, like the Onnit oil, it enhances your cognitive ability. It pairs well with BHB supplements, and it is safe for consumption. The oil is extracted from coconuts and combined with other components to come up with a well-proportioned octane MCT oil. You are thus better off taking this supplement than taking the coconut fruit, coconut oil or butter alone. However, you have to take it in fine moderation since too much of it will lead to stomach problems.

Left coast MCT oil

This is another great liquid oil MCT supplement. Derived purely from coconuts, this oil is what you need for your ketogenic diet. It is pure, safe and easily digestible. It is, however, a bit more expensive than the aforementioned oils.

Perfect keto MCT powder

If you are not a fan of MCT oils in liquid form, you can try the powder form. MCT powders easily mix with most liquids at home. For example, you can add perfect keto powder into coffee. This powder is pure and safe. It has been developed by professionals, so you have nothing to worry about. There are actually no known side effects of this supplement so far.

Keto kreme MCT powder

This is another MCT powder that will give you a big boost if you are on the ketogenic diet. It is the perfect substitute for butter. It can easily be taken with most liquids like coffee.


In summary, there is a lot to learn if you are on the ketogenic diet. You need to know how you can achieve your goals by sticking to this diet. There are many websites that will provide you with resourceful information on ketogenic diets.

Various detox drinks to take during your wellness retreat

Detox is short for detoxification. This is a period during which you stay away from all kinds of strong alcoholic drinks. You instead commit yourself to taking only non-alcoholic drinks. They must have some nutritional value on your health rather than snatch what’s left. Since almost 60% of the body is made up of water, it’s good to stay hydrated at all times. Before then, ensure that you rid your body of all manner of harmful and toxic substances. Read on for the most tantalizing secrets to a healthy and successful detox period.

Various detox drinks to take during your wellness retreat

Have a glass of homemade juice

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgThis has to be one of the most popular drinks during detox. You should take it as often as five to eight glasses a day. Blend it to perfection and take it at your own pleasure. Just to make it all the more effective, you shouldn’t rush it. Take it one sip at a time. It’s even more enjoyable when you are reading a magazine or watching a movie.

Pour the juice into your glass when it’s at room temperature. You can opt for a cool glass if it’s a hot day. The juice doesn’t mean that you should neglect your rule of eight glasses of water. This is because juice can’t play the same roles that water does in your body.

Prepare some lemonade

This has got to be among the most powerful detox drinks known to man. It has all the properties required in a detox drink. What’s more is that it’s fast and highly effective. Including it in your detox drinks is a sure way to rid your body of all levels of harmful toxins.

That’s not all; your bowels are guaranteed to experience a smooth movement. You should take it twice or thrice consistently for it to be effective. Warm some water and squeeze a whole lemon into a glass. Drink it very early in the morning before you take your breakfast.


Go herbal

Some veggie smoothie won’t hurt. Instead, it will make every part of you a lot better. This means carrot juice which is said to be good for the stomach. It’s very easy to prepare and good for your vital organs.

It shouldn’t be too much to blend some greens as well and take them twice or thrice in a day. Their smooth texture after blending will bring just what your body craves for. That’s not all; it’s an affordable way of cleansing yourself thoroughly.


Drink plenty of water

This should have been top on the list as it revolves around the hydration factor. It should be the very first drink to take in the wake of each day. The fun and thrill are just beginning as we take a look at why you need water as a detox drink.


The detox period can be quite overwhelming as you’ll tend to feel thirsty even after taking certain fluids. This is why you should carry water with you wherever you go. The good thing about water is that it is readily available. It can be preserved for the longest time without it going bad.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Coconut Water During Pregnancy

When Is The Best Time To Drink Coconut Water During Pregnancy (2)

Once a woman becomes pregnant, everything about her body starts to change in order to adapt to the growing baby inside of her. Apart from the physical changes, her body’s chemical composition also changes dramatically. This is the reason why doctors give pregnant women additional vitamins and supplements during this period. To say that a woman needs all the help she can get is an understatement.

Coconut water is one of nature’s healthiest fluids.

It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and isotonic priorities. This means that athletes and workout fanatics can rely on coconut water for hydration and an extra boost of energy when they need it the most. The same goes for pregnant women. When it is super hot and you want to reach for a drink to refresh you, it is much better to drink coconut water rather than sodas, sugar-laden juices, or caffeinated drinks.

Is there a best time a to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

Coconut water is great for everyone, especially pregnant women. The often asked question is there is a best time to drink coconut water during pregnancy? Experts say that early in the morning would be the best time to take this. However, they also say that coconut water should be taken in moderation. One glass a day is good, unless otherwise specified. If the weather is particularly hot or humid, pregnant women may be advised to drink more coconut water as opposed to sports drinks.

Mornings are the best time drink coconut water during pregnancy, and preferably on an empty stomach. According to research, taking this before any meal or coffee, is makes it easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients. This of course means that the baby gets the most of its health-giving properties as well.

How good is coconut water?

For pregnant women it serves as a natural diuretic. It improves kidney function and prevents urinary tract infections which can trigger pre-term labor. The electrolytes in coconut water also provides minerals, sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus which also help the body control blood pressure levels.

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Coconut water improves heart health, blood sugar levels and combats bad cholesterol. Apart from taking it in the morning, pregnant women are recommeded to take this natural beverage during the final trimester of pregnancy. This helps prevent pre-term labor .

All in all, coconut water is best for everyone – not just pregnant women. Remember to take fresh coconut water, straight from the nut if you can.

How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Water is a very critial elements in the body. It plays major roles and form over 60 percent of our body. Anybody who is in good mind clearly knows that it is good to drink water. But do you know it is good to drink water so as to lose weight? The article focuses on how water is the most important consideration when it comes to losing weight.

Water- Healthy drink ideas to lose weight

Water and Metabolism

89ff948hiffg43tg43g489gf4Water is a drink which increases the ability of the body to metabolize fat. How? The liver is the body’s organ responsible for fat metabolism while the kidney looks to get rid of toxic from the water you drink. The kidney cannot carry out its role if you lack enough water in your body system. If this happens, then the body is going to shift kidney work to the liver. With this, your productivity goes down and the liver will not be in a position of metabolizing fat efficiently. If this happens, then the body is going to start storing fat droplets, and you may gain weight. So water is important.

Water and bloating

Some people have a belief that as they drink more water, they are likely to bloat. This is a myth. It is dehydration which makes the body bloat. This is when they think you are not giving it enough water, it believes that it is entering a drought state, thus, it starts to save water. When you drink more water, your body will get the message that drought has ended hence it will stop holding the excess water in reserve.

How drinking water daily can be a challenge at first

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When you drink more water, you are likely to have more bathroom breaks. But this is good because you will be flushing toxins from your body system. Now that the body understands that more water will be send, it will stop the panic mode, and it will no longer feel like storing it. The bathroom trips are going to slow down, and the body system gets into healthy rhythm

Often time as you feel hungry, you are also thirsty. Drink a glass of water and wait for ten minutes to see the result. If you feel like you are still hungry, then take a healthy snack. If your hunger disappeared, then you will have saved precious calories by simply taking care of the thirst

The fact that water helps to lose weight then you need to know the magic portion that you should take a day. The standard is take 8 glasses a day spread throughout the day. The final thing is, one should not drink water 3 hours before bedtime (advice). Watermelon and chicken are food that can give you more water; use them.